Márcio Miguez

Started his career in the financial area, having worked in a financial conglomerate where he reached a high executive position. With a background in Administration and Law, he conceived and did it, initially in an IT company and, soon after, in the real estate sector – where he is still a partner in the company. Simultaneously, he acted as a lawyer, accumulating knowledge and experience that allowed him to found Miguez & Florentino Advogados Associados.

Ricardo Florentino

Sons of the founding partners, Dr. Márcio and Dr. Anita, Ricardo joined the firm in 1995, after returning from a period of study in the United States. In 2002 he joined the body of partners at Miguez & Florentino.

Florencia Saladino

A partner at Miguez & Florentino since 2015, she has a postgraduate curriculum in Family Law and Civil Procedure, as well as a Masters in Legal Practice in Civil Law.

Igor Taylor

Sócio desde 2015 da Miguez & Florentino Advogados Associados, Igor possui pós-graduação em direito imobiliário.

Sabrina Gaburo

A partner at the firm since 2017, Sabrina holds a bachelor´s degree from UFF (2016), currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Civil Procedural Law at PUC-Rio (2020-2021). He is proficient in English, with a Toefl 106 certificate (2019).

Marcelo Ferreira

Partner at Miguez & Florentino since 2021, working in all areas of civil law.

Aghata Orestes
Bruna Cota

Graduated in Law from Veiga de Almeida, Bruna has been a member of Miguez & Florentino´s staff since 2015.

Gabriela Perrut

A social worker graduated from UFRJ in 2017, Gabriela is currently studying law at Veiga de Almeida

Danilo Gonçalves

Danilo Gonçalves ingressou na Miguez & Florentino no ano de 2021 como estagiário. Hoje ele é estudante de direito na Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF).

Enrico Florentino

Grandson of the firm´s founders and a law student at PUC, Enrico Florentino works as an intern and runs all the financial part of M&F

We work in the area of ​​Civil, Family, Orphans and Succession Law (Inventories, Wills, etc), with expertise in the entire area comprised by Real Estate Law.

Thus, we not only seek to provide qualified and necessary legal advice to well defend the rights and interests of our Clients, but also keep them permanently informed about the evolution of their processes in the Courts, the petitions submitted by us, the decisions of the Judiciary on the demand in which we operate, your financial situation with the Office, etc.

Rua Francisco Sá, 23 - Sala 1202 - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phone: +55 21 2513 6848

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